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Everything on demand IT bussiness

The pivot of business movement is consumer demand. Every company continues to develop a variety of creativity to meet various consumer demand in the hope of return in the form of profit. Businesses are constantly trying to access and extract products and services in order to meet customers’ exact needs.


The collaboration of the world of technology and the business world creates many new jobs. Various sectors of human activity in this era connected through the network of technology present various revolutions. As a result of these developments led to a revolution in consumer demand. Currently many economic activities are created with the extension of technology companies in meeting consumer demand for goods and services. Technological innovation manifestations based on network layers capable of connecting various companies with communication media lead to the evolution of consumer behavior towards real-time fulfillment and increasing frequency of demand.

On demand IT company has nomial capital categorize as big amount. This is because many companies have to prepare good infrastructure, office, large human resources, and investment of other tools. But users do not have to worry about the huge capital burden because the world of IT is also growing rapidly. Startup companies can view various mutually beneficial business offerings such as SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Managed Services, and so on. Starup companies pay only what services they use, it is much cheaper than building, providing, developing, and maintaining various devices independently owned.

  • According to news sites nextjuggernaut.com there are 3 business sectors that have high demand for technology, namely transportation, food, and logistics. But from when the business sector, transportation trends to touch the highest numbers both now and the future. Everything is a kind of vertical needs trend that is shaped from the evolution of consumer action. These three trends will continue to evolve over time, with a limit that can not be sure of the end of the trend. Almost various companies either multi-national, or startup companies vying for this market share. Companies that are able to learn and who have extracted the needs of consumers and apply the concept of customer satisfaction that is able to survive the era of “everthing on demand IT bussiness” at this time. Here are some company data with services that apply technology in their business in transportation, food, and logistics:

– Uber with taxi, food and logistics services

– Go Jek with go-ride service, go-car, go-bluebird, go-food, go-send, go-mart, go-box, go-massage, go-clean, go-glam, go-tix, go -busway, go-pay, go-med, go-auto, go-pulse

– Grab with taxi grab service, grab car, grab share, grab bike, grab express, grab food, grab hitch

– Package delivery services such as Tiki, JNE, Postal

Today many companies with a technology base that fails to cling on due to lack of experience, understanding the market structure, to changing trends. For more information you can contact dev@volantech.io

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