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Styling Website with CSS

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is commonly called is a collection of coding arranged orderly intended to organize a web page so that it can appear attractive. CSS is not included as one of the programming language. CSS embedded in HTML code and is run in conjunction with other HTML logic code.


Cascading Style Sheet is part of the file in HTML format that brings style arrangement of the content of the website. The setting of the style section headings, each sub-menus and pages, BodyText, footers, images, layout and content, and so is intended to support the HTML tampilann. HTML and CSS are run concurrently and can be made in 1 structure because both have the same goal which is the task of HTML content settings while the CSS took the task view.

Using CSS the browser can change the line coding HTML into the document object modeling or so-called DOM. DOM developed by the World Wide Web Consortium with the nature of cross-platform and can be used with a variety of programming languages. The objects that are in HTML were developed by standardization to the interaction among the elements both in HTML and XML documents. Example Document Object Modeling as shown below:


With standardization html document management, web page design will be more structured. These nodes will facilitate the placement of lines of coding to divide part of the html document. At each node can contain HTML elements, can be represented by writing css method as follows: css (element, property, value) or css.set (element, property, value). Insertion coding html css on line will facilitate the setting of the property and the value of the page.

Website development is inseparable from the development of “W3”, developed the CSS to be used cross-platform and cross-browser. So CSS can be displayed either with the use of html, php, and javascript. Browser when reading HTML file, will reformat html pages according to the information contained in the style sheet. There are 3 ways to use css in beautifying the html page, that is

 РInline style sheets, css coding application in concurrently with elements of this type in the body of html. The effect of this coding usually one paragraph or one line, becausemethod

– Internal style sheet, the use of on line html css that is after head. The use of plain writing this css for formatting html simple and does not require replacement style.

– External style sheets, used to change the template on the html page. By changing this file the entire html file to change the style that has been used. Define html files that require changes to the display according to the theme. Every event needs to implement this type of css.

Using CSS, designers can separate the style and layout of the contents of the html document. The process of controlling the html document would be facilitated by one or more document style sheets only. Here are some advantages of using css, namely:

– Saving time in setting the properties contained in the element, because css coding can be reused for other html pages.

– TreatmentS document format is easier for an upgraded and consistency of each page can be maintained for a css document changes can affect the entire display web pages that use the same style sheet.

– Can display web pages faster because some pages html css formatting will share the same history, so that the transfer can be reduced file size and faster loading

– CSS allows display html files to be better, when compared with a file containing only html coding only.

– Compatibility across devices, css help you optimize html documents so that the rendering various devices can have the same style look good for monitors, tablets, smartphones, printers, and so on.


Using CSS in a website is as important as the use of html. CSS can work with coding other than HTML, such as php or javascript. For further information please contact us

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