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SaaS Bussiness Model

Using software to support the diversity of human activities in needs. One is software as a service that is user-use software that helps users in supporting decision making according to business goals


saas-bisnisModeling a business like an organization can create an added to economic effort. Through this analysis, it is expected that various problems arising from business activities can be analyzed in detail and simplified to fix the problem. It is intended to improve the profitability and effectiveness of all activities related to the economic action of the company. In addition to internal corporate issues, the company’s business modeling can analyze the economic, social, infrastructure, and consumer development environment.


The abundance of modeling and development and changes for businesses is driven by the evolving developments in consumer behavior and market share. Currently, technology sophistication encourages big companies to take part in developing business modeling by utilizing technology as well as internet. By utilizing this technology, the company’s business actions can achieve its objectives with minimal cost. In answering the demands of these advantages, what theories are used to produce answers that approximate the needs. However this may change over time, as various conditions will not be the same as when the modeling was used. Currently incorrect business modeling used to address current needs is the use of SaaS business model. This modeling has grown in recent years, as a result of technological advances. Given this new business modeling, the daunting cost of software licenses is no longer a daunting thing for the company.


Software as a service as if a sailboat that has a steam engine, that’s the right picture when SaaS develops by utilizing Cloud Computing. With the cloud the potential advantage in the success of facing business competition is very high. But to win success in an increasingly competitive market economy requires skill and analysis and action appropriate to the conditions and situations. In addition to internal SaaS factors, there are also external factors supporting the success of this modeling such as sales techniques, service after sales, partnership opportunities, financial problems, and other technical considerations.


SaaS is considered to have succeeded in creating a new software marketing strategy that has been able to answer the business objectives of profit, finance, and business growth. With SaaS, companies no longer need to develop software from scratch and then require regular maintenance expenditures. With the SaaS business applications the company calculates the cash flow through the cost of customer acquisition, churn, customer value and so on with the applications they lease. Companies no longer buy expensive software licenses for ownership and to make costuming a fairly high cost. Saas that has become a world demand, because of the following:

– The cost of ownership of the software can be reduced, because companies get a solution for the use of software at a cheaper cost.

– The software installation process is faster, can be used various company locations, and configurations that can be controlled because it uses cloud network.

– Changes, updates, and application upgrades can quickly and minimize damage to the system

– Cost savings on human resources. Companies no longer need to hire IT specialists, system analysis, and system administration. So it can save salary, benefits, and so forth

– With the cooperation with software vendors, the company will focus more on its business activities. Software loads are left to more experienced vendors in order to increase the productivity of app usage.

– High efficiency level, since all matters relating to the software have been transferred to the software vendor. So that companies can continue to compete against the economic climate and can excel with the best technology and excel in the competition.

– Increased ROI of companies in the use of SaaS in the medium and long term because all company operations can be combined through a structured network for data processing company.


In choosing a business model that suits the company is a difficult and difficult step because of the need for adjustments and other considerations. But to face today’s economic competition climate, companies need to find creative ideas and strategies that work together and can synergize with the entire organization of the company. Please contact to solve tech problems in your company.

©Written By: Andi Wijaya Tjoa S.Kom

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