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Managed Service Provider

Managed service is a form of service in the field of IT is relatively new where the function and efficiency of the work is the purpose of service. Services that are managed or that will carry out operational procedures in a technological environment.


This new type of service is a form of cooperation outsourcing company with the company includes a series of jobs with the aim of improving company performance. The Managed Service Provider Company provides a total service that ensures the smooth operation of the company’s IT from disruptions.


For managed services, usually the provider will charge a monthly subscription fee. This service is slightly different from other IT projects where transactions occur only once, so usually MSP (managed service provider) will pay more attention to service level, quality, and set up good relation relationship. To keep labor costs and high efficiency, MSP usually uses software that serves to monitor clients remotely. This software acts as remote monitoring and management to monitor and troubleshoot with server or device at endpoint. MSP is a different business model from other IT solution providers where the cost of installation and system integration that is charged to the consumer is a fixed cost so that the consumer business will be more stable and can predict the expenditure.


In general, managed service services consist of hardware, software, and consulting services. Services in the hardware sector include strategic planning of IT devices to be used and which need to be upgraded to device maintenance. Evaluating and changing software or supporting application development is an MSP service in software. Provide opinion reports and suggestions that are useful to support the company’s operations with consulting services.


Managed service services are generally used in fields such as:

– Data center company, by offering services for data server management, storage network management until consolidation between corporate servers.

End user management, end-user services including hardware and software maintenance, desktop management, business operational support, and so on.

– Security service, which will protect network security to all IT devices.

– Information service, related to system management, data backup, human resources, data storage.

– Supply chain managed services function as planning, monitoring, and control of logistics distribution, purchasing and payment.


The difference between SaaS and Managed Service lies in the provision of software and services. Companies that use SaaS services do not need to purchase software, as the SaaS provides the software on the server. Instead the company is charged a subscription fee based on a certain period of time. While MSP, customers continue to purchase software licenses. The MSP will help run, provide, and perform maintenance and upgrade as needed.


Some advantages of using MSP for the company, as follows:

– Companies can monitor expenditures and can estimate the routine expenses that the company has to pay.

– Cost savings, this is because the company does not need to conduct research, development, and implementation that has high operational value with low risk so that the company excels in the competition.

– Returns the main focus of the business that is seeking profit. By handing over the IT field to an MSP expert, the company will save time and energy in solving IT problems and focus on enterprise services.

– MSP helps companies address limited internal resources, so companies do not have to provide human resources, device investment, and infrastructure.

– Provide operational certainty of the company to keep it running, because MSP will ensure down-time can be handled professionally and prevented.

There are many more benefits of companies choosing MSP services that can be obtained companies that use these services. You can contact for your company’s Managed Service information.

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