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IT Infrastructure As A Service

IT infrastructure is all technology resources consisting of software hardware, and networking needed for management of matters relating to information technology. Invest in IT infrastructure in the form of hardware, software, education or training and so on.


iaasHardware and software, network resources, HRM, technical support and so on constitute the composition of IT infrastructure builder. In running the business, the company always strives to apply the business principle that is how to work effectively and efficiently with minimal expenditure and provide the maximum profit. The use of technology may be a solution to improve company performance but the strategic instrument requires an initial investment cost that sometimes stuns the owner. It is not finished until there, to run the latest technology required personnel competent. Adopting obsolete systems and technology  will only make the company go around in the “vicious circle” because of the huge cost and time wasted. All it infrastructures typically need significan maintenance cost over the time in which it will not be benefiting the business ownerrs in long run.


Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS present commonly known as an answer to the needs of technology. Many business organizations realize by keeping alignment goals of business accompanied by technological support can win business competition. An increasingly competitive and ever-changing business world requires optimal IT governance to meet the needs of the organization. IaaS for it needs to be managed professionally and follow the trend of technological development.


The latest and most up-to-date technology is cloud computing as a storage server, network, or operating system server infrastructure. Clients can purchase these resources in an outsourced manner that can be tailored to the needs of the company. With IaaS services, the value of IT equipment spending can be reduced, because IaaS services are paid based on the usage period. With high-performing, secure, reliable, and scalable computing resource technologies, IaaS offers a variety of ease in running business and organizational goals. With prices pegged to what is used, IaaS is used by small and medium enterprises, data collection agencies, and large corporations.


The current example of IaaS is the co-location data center, where infrastructure is hosted by a data management company serving international to local bandwidth, end-user connectivity, security, power, DRC, and server management. This data center generally offers the most advanced technology with guaranteed security, secrecy, and data elasticity. Managed by a professional team, security, fire protection and monitoring 24/7 make many companies both from SMEs, polling organizations, government, to large companies that already have data centers.


Businesses who choose to use IaaS due to several advantages that can be obtained are:

– Efficiency, by using IaaS cloud platform will further save operational expenses. IaaS users do not require investment in physical infrastructure because third parties have provided more professional resources and users only pay what they use.

– Flexibility and Scalability, with IaaS users need not build physical infrastructure. Users only provide faster-realized IT infrastructure, so scalability needs can be quickly addressed at a lower cost.

– Integration with existing Infrastructure, large companies that already have data centers sometimes choose to use IaaS services. With the goal of maintaining data center access, companies typically use IaaS services that can be integrated between corporate infrastructure and IaaS infrastructure, both API and SDK.

– Ensure the availability of data, this is because the data storage server is not only 1. Concerns about damaged data as well as scattered data can be handled and monitored by a professional team managing IaaS

– Physical relief, the IaaS team takes physical infrastructure issues seriously against the threat of this disturbance by taking strict deterrent measures

– Increase the productivity of the company, because IT departments no longer do system maintenance. The IT department will develop more innovative solutions and applications and eliminate inefficiencies and increase output.


Companies need to optimize spending on infrastructure development, but not to the exclusion of technological factors because with the technology the various advantages of business competition can be won by the company. This is because technology is a strategic instrument that companies need to race and compete against the current business competition, please contact for relevant information .

© Written By: Satriadi Wijaya Tjoa S.Kom

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